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Food Intolerances

Fast and Accurate Health Screening Service

The Asyra Pro system is one of the worlds most advanced, bio-energetic health screening systems. Using nin invasive electro-dermal screening, it collects electrical signatures that assess your sensitivity levels to determine what kind of substances your body may be sensitive to; these include vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food tolerances, dust, animal, environmental allergens and bacterial or fungal toxins.

Once these are identified we can offer a treatment plan that will help restore balance to your body through use of supplements, homeopathic remedies and herbal treatments. Your results are fully explained and available to take away at the end of the consultation.

Who Can Benefit From Screenings

Asyra Pro screenings are suitable for all ages including children and babies.

Food Intolerances

Over 200 foods and beverages tested including dairy, wheat and gluten.

Environmental Allergens

Allergens include animal danders, dust, pollens, heavy metals and chemicals.

Hormone imbalances

Thyroid and reproductive hormones.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Including vitamins, minerals, enzymes and gut bacteria.