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Infant and Child Health

Infant and Child Health

There are many ways you can support your child’s health naturally by using supplements, homoeopathic remedies and nutritious foods that can boost their immune system.

If they have a particular condition, identifying food intolerances and nutritional deficiencies can greatly help improve their symptoms and resolve the illness.  There are also key nutrients that can help with mental well-being, emotions and sleep.

Please contact me if you would like advice on how I can help you and your child.

Skin Conditions

Resolving eczema, psoriasis and adult acne without side effects of medications.

Digestive Conditions

Helping to regulate and improve digestion in order to resolve IBS, colitis, constipation and diverticulitis.

Behaviour Issues

Supporting delayed development, learning difficulties, ADHD and autism.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

Alleviating stress, anxiety and night terrors.